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Sedbergh Gateway – for Walkers and Cyclists in the western Yorkshire Dales


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post/greetings cards,
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015396 20406
24 Main Street, Sedbergh

England's Book Town
in the
Yorkshire Dales
5 miles from M6/J37
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Shops, Banking, Car Parks, Toilets, Cash Machines, Wi–Fi etc.

Unless otherwise stated, addresses given are in Sedbergh town centre.

Main Street, Sedbergh, is numbered from West to East.

Sedbergh Town Centre Map.

Sedbergh Book Town.

Shops & Businesses by Name

See also Goods and Services by Type


49 Main Street, flowers, plants, gifts, beer, wine and spirits, 015396–21605.

Bath House

Busk Lane (Station Road end), skin care and fragrances, website .

Book Town

See the Sedbergh Book Town website, or print a full list of bookshops with contact details..

Boots Pharmacy

48 Main Street, dispensing chemist, batteries, toiletries, website.

Brown of Sedbergh

38/40 Main Street, Sedbergh School outfitters, sports kit, 015396–21823.

Cautley Garage

A683, Cautley, petrol & diesel, motor repairs, 015396–20250.

Close's Garage

Station Road, Sedbergh, petrol & diesel, motor repairs, 015396–20260, website.


77 Main Street, second–hand books, CDs, DVDs etc., sold in aid of local charities.

Clutterbooks & Clobber

86 Main Street, second hand bric–a–brac and clothing, sold in aid of local charities.

Craft Workshop

61 Main Street, locally produced craft, webpage.


On–line cycle wear for women cyclists, cyclistaclothing.co.uk or telephone 07974‑024811 if in area.

Dent Village Store

Main Street, Dent, 015396–25209, groceries, papers, batteries, beer, wine & spirits, ice–cream, stationery, meat, maps, milk, bread, fruit & veg, webpage.

Farfield Clothing

The Old School House, Joss Lane, outdoor clothing, books, 015396–20169, website.

Farfield Mill

Garsdale Road, Sedbergh, textiles by various local artists, art and craft work, books, Weavers' Café, 015396–21958, website.

Farmgate Vets

14 Long Lane, Sedbergh, 015396–20335, website.

Good Start Dog Training

015396–21946, website.

Green Door

35 Main Street, chocolate and sweets, 015396–20089, website .

Laura's Loom

Scarves and throws from locally sourced wools. Socks. Yarn for knitting and weaving. 16 Back Lane (most Weds and by prior appointment) and at www.laurasloom.co.uk..

Leighton's Hairdressers

12 Main Street, 015396–21433.

Library, Sedbergh

Main Street, internet (landline), 015396–20186, webpage.

Library, Dent Library Link

Main Street, Dent, 01228–227329, webpage.

Lock Bank Farm

Howgill Lane, Sedbergh, dairy ice cream made on the farm.

Main Street Gallery

25 Main Street, original pictures, prints, framing, 015396–20558, website.

Market (Wednesday)

Joss Lane car park, books, bread, fruit and veg, fish, meat etc..

Morphet's Garage

Station Road, Sedbergh, petrol & diesel, motor repairs, 015396–20336, website.

National Westminster Bank Mobile Branch

Joss Lane C.P., Sedbergh, Mondays, 1.45pm to 2.45pm and Wednesdays, 10.15am to 11.15am
Dent Car Park, Tuesdays, 10.30am to 11.15am;
Ravenstonedale Car Park, Wednesdays, 11.30am to 11.45am.

No.6 Finkle St.

6 Finkle Street (funnily enough), homeware, furniture, jewellery, gifts, stationery, facebook, website.

On a Roll

46 Main Street, takeaway baguettes and salads made to order, 07827– 619758.

Patch & Fettle

75 Main Street, vintage furniture, kitchenalia, household linens, pottery, tools and books, 015396–22123, 07967‑638503, website.

Post Office, Sedbergh

24 Main Street, newspapers, gifts, cards, free cash withdrawal, some banking services, mobile top‑ups, 015396–20406, opening hours.

Post Office, Dent

Main Street, Dent, (Tuesday & Thursday mornings in Village Store), some banking services including free cash withdrawal, 015396–25209, webpage.

Powell's Greengrocer

52 Main Street, fruit, veg, bread, milk, groceries, chocolate, ice cream, 015396–20304, webpage .

Premier Express

73 Main Street, newspapers, groceries, milk, bread, chocolate, fruit & veg, batteries, beer, wine and spirits, hot drinks to take away, mobile top‑ups, 015396–20913.


a.k.a. 'Narnia', 89 Main Street, pet food, basic bike repair bits and accessories, camping gas and accessories, batteries, ironmongery, dry‑cleaning, 015396–20420.

Sedbergh Information and Book Centre

72 Main Street, tourist information, maps, guides, internet (landline), free Wi‑Fi, 015396–20125, webpage.

Sleepy Elephant

41, Main Street, walking boots and clothes, basic bike repair bits and accessories, books, gifts, maps & guides, posh soap, 015396–21770, website.

Smart Office

13 King's Yard, office services, stationery, design and print, photocopying, 015396–20788, website.

Sophie's Wild Woollens

Shop on the Green, Dent, locally hand‑ made knitwear, 015396–25323, website. Opening times vary, so please telephone first..


Station Road (next to medical centre), supermarket.

Three Hares Café & Bakery

57 Main Street, artisan bread, cakes and pastries, all baked on the premises, bottled beers & wine, 015396–21058, www.threeharescafe.co.uk.

Threshing Barn

Unit 3, Mill 2, Farfield Mill, Garsdale Road, spinning & weaving supplies, books & DVDs, textile courses, please phone first, 015396–20474, website.

Westwood Books

Long Lane (Main Street end), wide range of new and second hand books, maps & guides. Coffee, toilet & sitting area. Open 7 days a week. 015396–21233, website.

William Peat Butcher & Deli

2 Finkle Street, fresh and cooked meats, pies, cheese, 015396–20431.

Yorkshire Dales Antiques

63 Main Street, antiques, especially oak furniture, 07891–719795, website.

Shoppers in Sedbergh

Goods and Services by Type

Animal Care

Rycroft's (pet food etc.), Farmgate Vets, Good Start Dog Training.

Art, Antiques, Homeware & Bric–a–Brac

Main Street Gallery, Yorkshire Dales Antiques, Patch & Fettle, Farfield Mill, Clutterbooks & Clobber, Craft Workshop, No.6 Finkle Street.


See Cash Machines.


Sedbergh and Dent Post Offices offer some banking services. National Westminster operates a mobile branch.


Boots, Premier, Dent Village Store, Rycroft's.

Beer & Wine

Premier, Abracadabra, Dent Village Store, Three Hares.

Bike Spares & Accessories

Rycroft's, Sleepy Elephant.


Clutterbooks & Clobber, Farfield Clothing, Farfield Mill, Sedbergh Information and Book Centre, Market, Patch & Fettle, Sleepy Elephant, Westwood's..

Book Town

See the Sedbergh Book Town website, or print a full list of bookshops with contact details..

Boots, Walking

Sleepy Elephant.


Three Hares Café & Bakery, Powell's Greengrocers, Premier, Market, Dent Village Store.

Camping Accessories


Car Parks

Joss Lane, Loftus Hill and Main Street, Dent.

Cash Machines

National Westminster Bank, Spar. Free cash withdrawal from Sedbergh and Dent Post Offices (opening hours only).




Powell's, Premier, Green Door, Dent Village Store.

Clothing, Outdoor

Sleepy Elephant, Farfield Clothing, Brown's, Sophie's Wild Woollens, Cyclista.

Craft & Craft Supplies

Craft Workshop, Threshing Barn, Farfield Mill.



Fruit & Veg

Powell's Greengrocer's, Premier, Dent Village Store.


Cautley Garage, Morphet's Garage, Close's Garage.

Gas, Camping



Dent Village Store, Premier, Powell's, Market.



Ice Cream (Howgill Fellside)

Lock Bank Farm, Powell's, Smatt's Duo Café, Farfield Mill.

Information Centre

See Sedbergh Information and Book Centre.

Internet (Landline)

Library, Sedbergh Information and Book Centre,

Maps & Guides

Sedbergh Information and Book Centre, Westwood's, Sleepy Elephant, Dent Village Store.

Market (Wednesday)

Joss Lane car park, books, bread, fruit and veg, fish, meat etc..


William Peat, Market, Dent Village Store.


Premier, Powell's Greengrocers, Dent Village Store.

Mobile Top‑Ups

Premier, Sedbergh Post Office.


Post Office, Premier, Dent Village Store.

Pet Food


Petrol & Diesel

Cautley Garage, Morphet's Garage, Close's Garage.


Smart Office.


Smart Office, Sedbergh Post Office, Dent Village Stores.




Boots, Bath House, Sleepy Elephant.

Toilets, Public

Corner of Joss Lane & Main Street, and Dent car park entrance.

Tourist Information

Sedbergh Information and Book Centre.

Veterinary Services

Farmgate Vets, 14 Long Lane, Sedbergh, 015396–20335, website.

Walking Accessories

Rycroft's, Information Centre, Sleepy Elephant.


Sedbergh Information and Book Centre, Bull Hotel, Smatt's Duo, Café Nova. See also Internet (Landline), above.

See Sedbergh Town Centre Map.

Thank you for supporting our local shops and services.

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